Understand Your Customers & Deliver Great Service

The key to eCommerce success is knowing what your customers want, getting it to them fast, and delivering great service whenever they reach out for help. 

A great Customer Relationship management (CRM) system is the most important tool you’ve got to keep track of your customers’ interactions with your company. A well implemented CRM helps you maximize sales, fulfill orders efficiently and anticipate demand… While keeping complaints and chargebacks to an absolute minimum.

Find out how Checkout Champ is the best ecommerce CRM to manage the whole customer lifetime journey starting from their first purchase. Checkout Champ CRM helps you max out LTV by keeping fulfillment and customer care on point every single time someone buys from you.

CRM And Marketing Automation Drive Sales Together

Marketing automation lets you set up once then have the system follow up with every customer in the background, so that you can focus on those areas of business that need human input.

Checkout Champ’s eCommerce CRM system easily integrates with popular marketing automation platforms, making it easy to automate tasks like following up sales with customer satisfaction surveys, offering complementary products to past purchases, reaching out to reactivate dormant customers, and promoting new product launches.

The Most Powerful eCommerce CRM On The Market

Checkout Champ is built on top of Konnektive, the top-rated, online business and ecommerce CRM that connects all the sales from your websites and stores with your team and partner fulfillment systems. This end-to-end platform organizes all your data and gives you 360 vision and control from one central dashboard:

Checkout Champ offers all of these features and more. We're here to help you succeed in eCommerce, so contact us today to learn more about our eCommerce CRM system.

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